Commando 1985 review

“Commando” (1985) Review

“Commando”: Retired Colonel John Matrix, along with his young daughter, lives away from civilization. During his time in the Special Forces unit, Matrix made many enemies for himself. And he absolutely does not want to return to the service. However, he will have to. A gang of notorious bastards led by a mad general kidnaps Matrix’s daughter, demanding to kill the leader of one of the banana republics as a ransom. However, the colonel understands that even if he fulfills the order, the bandits are unlikely to leave his daughter alive.

Matrix jumps out of a high-altitude plane and goes hunting. For several hours, he needs to find out where the kidnappers are holding his daughter. Now Matrix is not only a loving father — he is also a killing machine. After robbing an arms shop and hijacking an amphibious aircraft, the colonel went to a remote island to destroy the general and his army completely.

Commando 1985 review

“Commando” is a classic Hollywood action movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, the benefit of the actor. Iron Arnie here demonstrates all his talents, eclipsing the plot and other performers with charisma. The film directed by Mark Lester a year later than «Terminator» apparently loses its predecessor in all respects. The plot — straight as an arrow: came, saw, killed everyone. Maximum action — minimum words. Rare replicas of the main character instantly went to the quotes.

At the same time, the film most honestly professes the classic story of any action movie. We have an infernal villain, capable of any crime for the sake of his advantage. We have a bulletproof superhero who alone can smash up an entire army. That is the whole formula for success.

In the American box office «Commando» has managed to meet the expectations of producers. The film earned more than 50 million dollars with a budget of 10 million. Unfortunately, the «Commando» does not have a sequel. Maybe for the better. The experience of «Die Hard» suggests that it is better not to continue some stories.

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