Demon Wind 1990 review

“Demon Wind” (1990) Review

Don’t believe me if I say I was a different man before watching the movie “Demon Wind”. I remained myself. But this film turned my views about “B-movies”. Until now I naively believed that there is no category below. But sometimes any system fails and “things” like that can appear on the shelves of video stores.

Yes, I think I did the right thing when I watched it to the end. We need such movies to establish some kind of invisible margin. You can even name this verge, something like “absolute dullness”, “crap” or “enchanting feces”.

What is “Demon Wind” about? In general, the authors tried to repeat the success of “The Evil Dead”. Therefore, they did not hesitate and simply copied the plot directly from Sam Raimi’s cult movie. A group of young people, invited by their friend Corey, travel to some Podunk in order to help Corey with understanding of the strange circumstances of his grandparents’ death. WE KNOW IT, ‘cause this episode was shown at the very beginning of “Demon Wind”.

Demon Wind 1990 review horror

No sooner said than done. All friends gathered to become participants in the final meat battle for the title of the most terrible ghoul. I did not understand who won the game, but the happy ending seems to be present. My uncertainty is due to the fact, that somewhere in the middle “Demon Wind” completely turns to insane nonsense, and I had to switch the player to double play speed, which made the characters livelier and significantly diversified the action. Briefly, all those who arrived are sitting in the house, then someone gets up and says, “I’ll go and check the back room” (whatever that means), leaves, dies, turns into a zombie. And so on, with small lyrical digressions. As a result, the main character and his girlfriend remain, who will have to fight the main demon. While they were reading out loud some spell from the book with instructions “How to defeat the devil”, the demon inadvertently stepped into the fireplace and safely burned down in hellfire.

I should warn you that all this shit is stretched for an hour and a half of screen time, played with incredibly serious and dull faces, filled with “incredible” dialogues and lousy special effects.

Just for fun, I searched the Web to find the origins of this nightmare. Director and screenwriter — Charles Philip Moore. “Demon Wind” is his directorial debut, and as they say, the first step is the hardest. He created this genius crap in 1990 and then somehow disappeared. Either his creative ideas dried up, or they finally explained to him intelligibly that it was impossible to shoot such movies. The cast is unique too. Its uniqueness is in its obscurity. They also say that there are no random people in Hollywood.

I hope that those who read this review will never watch this film. Let’s assume that I did a good deed.

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