La noche de Walpurgis 1971 review

“La noche de Walpurgis” (1971) Review

“La noche de Walpurgis”: Elvira writes either a book or a term paper. She invites her friend Genevieve to go to a village near Paris, where, according to rumors, there is an abandoned grave of the evil witch Wandessa. Countess Wandessa is notorious for having many lovers, of whom no one lived to old age. Her last beloved was smarter than his predecessors were and gave the countess peace, sticking a silver cross into her heart.

However, the girls did not find the grave. Then they met Waldemar, a writer in search of inspiration, who kindly offered the travelers to spend the night at home. However, Waldemar is also looking for the body of Countess Wandessa. Only he is interested not in the historical background, but in that same silver cross. The fact is that Waldemar is a werewolf…

La noche de Walpurgis 1971 review

“La noche de Walpurgis” is a collaboration of Spanish and German filmmakers. And an attempt to repeat the success of the products of the famous film studio Hammer. The attempt is extremely unsuccessful. The plot of the film “La noche de Walpurgis” is so stupid and helpless that it is very difficult to watch a movie. The director and the scriptwriter did not try hard, so everything that happens on the screen looks more like a delusion of a lunatic than a distinct dialogue with the audience.

Actors play very badly. It is easier to say that they do not play at all. Emotion of fear — bulging eyes, joy — unnatural laughter, sadness — hysterical crying and moaning. Apparently, the actors were recruited in bulk on the street. The film “La noche de Walpurgis” leaves the impression of an amateur production. And if someone needs a silver cross in his heart, it’s the director of this horrible nightmare.

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