La vergine di Norimberga 1963 review

“La vergine di Norimberga” (1963) Review

“La vergine di Norimberga”: Not entirely successful project «La vergine di Norimberga» by Italian director Antonio Margheriti, known for his commitment to the horror film genre.

The couple (Mary Hunter and Max Hunter) returns from America to the family castle in Europe, where two hundred years ago, the ancestor of the head of the family tortured and killed unfortunate peasants in the basement. Now the girl sees nightmares at night, and her husband tries to convince her that no one in the castle wants her death. However, everyone behaves extremely suspiciously: the faithful servant of her husband, whose face is disfigured by a huge scar (Christopher Lee), and the family doctor, and the husband himself clearly hides something…

La vergine di Norimberga 1963 review

A typical gothic-mystical plot with ghosts, shadows and girls dashing in the dark. The name of the movie «La vergine di Norimberga» is associated with the infamous statue of torture, which plays an important role in the plot. Despite the well-chosen entourage, the screenplay of the film periodically sags in «significant» pauses, while the characters wander through the dimly lit corridors of the castle.

Bored until the end of the film, in which everything is predictable.

Director: Antonio Margheriti. Cast: Rossana Podesta (Mary Hunter), George Riviere (Max Hunter), Christopher Lee (Erich), Laura Nucci (Martha), Jim Dolen, Leonardo Severini and others.

Released in Italy 15 August 1963. Also known as: “Panic” (France), “The Castle of Terror” (UK), “Horror Castle” (USA).

Tagline: Women’s Virtues Made him a Killer!

Trivia: Sir Christopher Lee’s voice was dubbed by another actor for the English language version.

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