Papaya dei Caraibi 1978 review

“Papaya dei Caraibi” (1978) Review

“Papaya dei Caraibi”: Every year civilization bites off new pieces of virgin nature. A corporation, violating the interests of local residents, is building a power plant on a nameless tropical island. Residents who are accustomed to go to bed as soon as the sun turns off, and to stand up with the first cock shout, unfriendly reacted to this venture. Being no longer wild, but still poorly organized, instead of going to the barricades, the residents decide to defend their opinion in a different way.

At the head of the «revolutionary» movement is a handsome mustached guy and his girlfriend named Papaya. The girl is beautiful, passionate and sensual. A hot southern woman is a bait for unsuspecting foreigners who are ready to go after her to the ends of the earth, while the Papaya only wishes them a quick and often painful death.

Papaya dei Caraibi 1978 review

Chief Project Engineer Vincent (Maurice Poli), along with journalist Sarah (Sirpa Lane) are on a short vacation, so they decide to ride around the neighborhood. Get acquainted with the life of the villagers and the customs of the aborigines. Over the past few days, two engineers have disappeared, working under Vincent. One was never found, the second was found already dead. Nevertheless, our adventurers, at the invitation of the treacherous Papaya, are going to visit the festival of the Stone. It is a celebration associated with local cultural and religious customs and accompanied by human sacrifices.

Of course, the walk ends badly. Vincent, fascinated by Papaya, completely loses his sense of vigilance, and his girlfriend Sarah falls into the hands of embittered aborigines…

I am not familiar with the work of D’Amato, but I can definitely say that “Papaya dei Caraibi” is clearly not its pinnacle. It seems that “Papaya dei Caraibi” was filmed without a script, in the best traditions of Bollywood.

If we consider the detective component, here D’Amato failed completely. At first, there is some kind of intrigue in “Papaya dei Caraibi”: the mysterious femme fatale, unexplained and brutal murders. Soon the creators get lost in a feverish nonsense, associating the detective plot with some kind of rebel movement consisting of several grim-looking dark-skinned guys who steal blueprints and kill engineers to slow down the construction of the power station.

The horror film also failed. Of course, D’Amato paid most attention to erotica. However the master did not demonstrate anything new. These timid lesbian kisses will surprise no one today. Cute main actresses pacing in negligee, showing unpretentiousness to the weather and moral standards, then wriggle in love games on the beach, which resembles not the cinema, but erotic clips of Penthouse or Playboy.

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