Souvenir for the Prosecutor 1989 review

“Souvenir for the Prosecutor” (1989) Review

“Souvenir for the Prosecutor”: Southern resort town. The warehouse manager of a large machine-building plant dies in a car accident. At first, the investigation believes that it is suicide: the victim was drunk as a lord. However, then new details of the incident are discovered. It turns out the deceased was sitting in the passenger seat. The city prosecutor (Yuri Solomin) takes the case under control.

The prosecutor finds out that the victim of the accident was involved in frauds with precious metals. Apparently, the city has a mafia headed by the plant director and the owner of the jewelry factory. The murderers realize that the servant of the law will eventually find the underlying cause. However, killing a prosecutor is too dangerous. Then the criminals decide to question his honesty. They throw him photos that compromise his wife, as well as a candlestick made of stolen gold…

Souvenir for the Prosecutor 1989 review

«Souvenir for the prosecutor» — a typical representative of the post-Soviet cinema. In the film directed by Alexander Kosarev, white changed places with black: the brave Soviet police turned into corrupt cops, the quiet Soviet town is gripped by fear and corruption, and honest people are forced to fight for the truth in proud loneliness.

Unfortunately, in the film «Souvenir for the prosecutor» too much talk and too little action. The protagonist is not at all like the heroes of Hollywood action movies. He dresses modestly; he sits in his office for most of the day and tries to bring the criminals to open water with the help of Soviet laws. However, the laws no longer work.

Perhaps that is why the “happy” film finale is not happy at all. Evil is punished, but only battle is won, not war. The director is still in charge of the plant, and soon others, perhaps more violent and dodgy, will come to the place of his caught accomplices. After all, as you know, the mafia is immortal.

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