The Investigation 1980 review

“The Investigation” (1980) Review

“The Investigation”: An experienced thief Vorobyev (Vladimir Samoilov) decided to go for a big deal: in broad daylight rob a jewelry department of a large Moscow store. Vorobiev understands that he will be suspected of bold theft. Therefore, the thief comes to the police in advance and goes to prison, providing himself with an alibi. The theft is successful under the strict guidance of Vorobyev: accomplices steal jewelry from the store for 300 thousand rubles. The sum for those times is fabulous.

Investigation in hot pursuit has not given results. It is only known that the criminals entered the store under the guise of janitors. Colonel Yermilov (Andrey Myagkov), an investigator of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, conducts the criminal case. Soon, two of the bandits die under mysterious circumstances. And in a suitcase with stolen jewels, the police find … bolts and nuts! That’s the turn!

Vorobyev understands that the accomplices deceived him and want to appropriate the loot to themselves. He escapes from prison…

The Investigation 1980 review

The film «Investigation», directed by Mikhail Ryk, is a rather mediocre example of Soviet detective films. It is unusual to see actor Andrei Myagkov in the image of a servant of law. Myagkov has earned fame by completely different roles, including the films «Office Romance» and «Irony of Fate” by Eldar Ryazanov.

«Investigation» was shot with a claim to realism and public censure of crimes. That is why it probably looks unconvincing. Planning a crime was fascinating, and then sheer disappointment. The director and screenwriter simply did not have enough skill to make the film spectacular. Inserts in the style of documentary films at the beginning looked organically, and then turned into moralizing agitation, the court sentence at the end looked like a warning to Soviet citizens. It seems that the picture was filmed solely in order to fill gaps in the television broadcast.

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